Wantage Township

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  • Submit a Classified Ad

    Our classifieds are a FREE service for the Wantage community. You must provide a valid Wantage address and the ad must be relevant to the Wantage community.

  • Website Concerns & Suggestions

    Do you have a concern about or suggestion for the website? We’d love your feedback. Please submit your thoughts using the form below. If you’d like a follow-up on any actions taken, be sure to provide your contact information.

  • Accessibility

    If you see an accessibility issue on our website, please let us know! We take accessibility seriously and believe that everyone should be able to access the information on a municipal government website.

  • Submit a Wantage Organization

    If your organization is based in Wantage or benefits the Wantage community, it may be eligible to be listed on the Wantage Community Organizations page. Your organization must be a non-profit or not-for-profit group. If your organization is listed, it qualifies to submit organization events to be listed on the Wantage events page.

  • Business Update

    If your business is listed in the Business Directory and you need to revise information that is posted, let us know.

  • Business Directory

    If you are the owner of a registered business located in Wantage and would like to be included in the business directory, please contact us. To be listed on the Directory, the business must be located in Wantage and the business must be registered at Town Hall.

  • Organization Update

    If you noticed the information on your organization’s listing is no longer accurate, please let us know.

  • Submit Your Event

    Does your organization have an event that you’d like listed on the Wantage website? Send us the information! Please fill out as many fields as possible so the event listing will feature all the needed information. Note on providing flyers, posters, or event images: We are vigilant with accessibility. Everyone must be able to access…